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Cesar Morales ‘Pays It’ Back Through Big Brothers Big Sisters, STEM Initiatives
Published by Front Runner New Jersey on August 13, 2020. See link below. 
By Clyde Hughes | AC JosepH Media
VINELAND – Cesar Morales has become a success in the technology field, but admits he has always felt a higher calling beyond his professional career as a native of Lima, Peru.That “higher calling” has led him to become involved as a “Big” mentor in Big Brothers Big Sisters and plans to start an annual youth technology fair to inspire the next generation.“I have always felt that I have a higher calling than just my professional career – to leave an everlasting legacy for my family and inspire others to make a difference in their life’s journey,” said the director of applications at the AmeriHealth Caritas Family of Companies located in Philadelphia and a Vineland resident.“Many have made enormous sacrifices for me throughout my life. I am simply looking to ‘pay it’ back to the community who embraced us when we first arrived. I have been volunteering as a mentor to Jose for the past three years and now as a board member in 2020”.  In 2019, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Cumberland and Salem Counties nominated Morales for Big Brother of the Year. He has mentored his “Little” Jose since 2016, despite his job in Pennsylvania. In February, he was named to the Big Brothers Big Sisters Board of Trustees.

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